Eventhough AZ Jewels started as a technical jewellery dictionary, we soon realised other tools were essentials for one's business development, no matter how small. The fastest way to give the trade an access to them was a website that would put together various useful information. We have many more ideas but here is a start. We have a great number of ideas but need more time and subsides to create and implement them. Stay tune for further info or contact us to assist for the development.

This calendar is a record of all trade shows worldwide. Should there be one missing, kindly let us know. It's quite helpful to visualise all the events!

Daily useful links to all information needed for admin tasks. TO BE COMPLETED... :)

Here are accurate ring and bracelet size charts. We would love to figure out a universal agreement on size charts worldwide...

This chapter talks about precious metals in the trade . You'll find insider's tips and general useful data. We're starting with hallmarks!

One might need certified, state or legal information that may be given from your unions, associations, local or worldwide. For now French-based information only.

All you need to know about Incoterms! These annoying little worldwide used trade terms we use on invoices have a very specific meaning you need to master.

Feel free to ask for more!