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Last update: February 2023

The present terms of use govern the use of the website. This site is owned and operated by Armelle de Blanchard under the registered trademark AZ Jewels.
When the User joins and uses the website he/she signifies that they have read and understood the terms and conditions of use and accept the following terms of service, at all times.

Type of site: a service offer and information site.

Intellectual property

All content published and made available on this site is the property of AZ Jewels and its creators. This includes, but is not limited to, images, texts, logos, documents, downloadable files and everything that contributes to the composition of this site, except in the case where another author or beneficiary of the rights is explicitly stated.

Use of the website
The use of or its other domains is free of charge for both private and commercial use. It is strictly forbidden to sell its service to a third party (person or company).

AZ Jewels is entitled to modify its services at all times and at its own discretion. The User shall not be informed or notified by any means prior to any suppression or modification of the website’s contents. Such modifications shall not affect the validity of the following terms of service.

The sources of the translations and their definitions as well as the data provided by the calendar are considered trustworthy. However AZ Jewels cannot be held responsible for the quality of the information it offers and the User is solely responsible for the use made of these transactions.

AZ Jewels commits to enrich its service as best it can. Feel free to report any missing words you find important at this address:
You may contact us directly for any question you may have. Here are our contact details:
Armelle de Blanchard - AZ Jewels
+33 (0)6 0889 9005

AZ Jewels is part of the SCOP Omnicité, based 70 rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. A SCOP is a Cooperative for activity and employment, multimedia orientation, information and communication technologies.


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