What can we do for you?

AZ Jewels supports the players of the jewellery and watchmaking trades. It provides support and advice for communication, marketing, business developement departments. We taylor our help to your needs. It may take the shape of a specific mission or an audit with further support for implementation of the solutions.

Well-versed in the reality of SME's, we look forward to assist you on the road to your success.



Your are at a loss with your communication strategy ? You need to create a brand identity document or you need to analyse your website against your targets and market ?

Your company has never launched an on-line communication and you need an assessment of what there is to do and guidelines in order to implement your strategy ? We can help you with that, train you and leave you the keys.

Well-versed in issues of small businesses and their specific caracteristics within our industry, we'll strive to make it happen for you and your teams.



An all time's concern is finding customers, and nowadays, the key to success is keeping them. This is why we believe there is no "small customers".


We can take up business development trade missions or business facilitator missions depending on your needs. Flexibility is our motto and we are well aware of the issues of cross culture business relationships.




Untranslatability is a real thing and we know it.


#1 Are you stuck with a word that is not available in our lexicon? You need the translation and you need it fast ? Send us a message and if we don't have the answer, we will start a search thanks to our contacts.


First give us the word in your language and its definition in English, French or Italian, as well as the languages in which you would like it translated. If your word is an object, feel free to add a photo or a drawing. The more details, the better.

#2 You have a technical, a mission statement or a business presentation you need translated or corrected? Feel free to contact us and we'll discuss your requests.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your situation.

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