What can I do for you?

AZ Jewels provides support and advice for communication, marketing and heritage departments of the players of the jewellery trades.

After 12 years working in the jewellery industry, I founded AZ Jewels in order to support companies in their communication and organisation. Having worked with almost all the actors in the life of a jewel has allowed me to develop a 360° knowledge of their business issues and it made it possible to have them benefit from my expertise. How? By helping them to restructure, by giving them a new vision, sometimes by creating the tools necessary for their activity.

Missions may be on a long or short term basis and I have to this day worked with a signature brand, a fairtrade brand, a gemmology laboratory and several workshops in Paris.


Over fifteen crafts and jobs make for a  jewel's life, from the sketch to the fitted case. Feel free to contact me to discuss what we could do together!


Feel free to contact me

to get more detailed information.

Once we connect by e-mail, I'll share my number and am available on any apps your phone may carry.

In order to clarify how I operate, here are the few steps we'll take together:

  • I generally start with an audit of one to two days and then make an assessment of the stakes at play.

  • I then provide in-house or remote support in order to meet the goals we agreed on, based on a specific schedule.

  • Depending on your company's organisation progress satus, I may deliver operating procedures on various subjects as well as documented strategies along the way.

Well-versed in the reality of SME's, I'm ready to assist you on the road to your development.

More importantly, at AZ Jewels the client's confidentiality is paramount

and discretion is central to all our projects.








Your are at a loss with your communication strategy ? Internal ? External ? You need to elaborate on your brand's identity or you need to analyse your website against your targets and market ?

Your company has never launched an on-line communication and you need an assessment of what there is to do as well as guidelines in order to implement your strategy ?

We can help you with that, train you and leave you the keys. In so doing, we can also provide a trusted partner for logo and website designs.

Well-versed in issues of small businesses and their specific caracteristics within our industry, we'll strive to make it happen for you and your team.




These activities may seem disparate but these expertise both call for governance and meticulous organisation.

> Implementing responsible pratices in the workshop, and in the bricj-and-mortar shop too, are at the heart of today's customers concerns. It not only is a necessary path to take, but it is also a complicated one considering SME's aren't generally staffed for conducting these types of changes.

> Overhaul of creative archives is a sprawling yet fascinating project which I have come to master. Through a thorough diagnostic of you needs and target deliverable, we can built the project together. Be it, for a regular classification or an exploration through not only your gouache designs but also the estate pieces, the brand's makers, eras, numerotations and signature.



I have worked in this industry for a long time and it its true that oftentimes, people come to me for advice of many  subjects. Should you think there's a topic we can discuss together, feel free to write to me, otherwise here are my expertise.


Untranslatability is a real thing and I know it. Even more so in terms of technical jargon I do know how complicated it may be and this is why I created the lexicon.


n°1 Are you stuck with a word that is not available in our lexicon? You need the translation and you need it fast ? Send us a message and if we don't have the answer, we will start a search thanks to our contacts.


First give us the word in your language and its definition in English, French or Italian, as well as the languages in which you would like it translated. If your word is an object, feel free to add a photo or a drawing. The more details, the better.

n°2 You have a technical, a mission statement or a business presentation you need translated or corrected? Feel free to contact us and we'll discuss your requests.

#MANUFACTURING for both brands and private people: I know the best workshops and particular area of expertise in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux. I navigate in this discreet world for you and may introduce you to workshops according to your quality requirements only to have them manufacture your desired piece or collection together.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and targets.