How can I help ?

After 14 years working in the jewellery industry, I founded AZ Jewels in order to support companies on their path to success. Having worked with almost all the actors in the life of a jewel has allowed me to develop a 360° knowledge of their business issues and it made it possible to have them benefit from my expertise. How? By helping them to restructure, by giving them a new vision, sometimes by creating the tools necessary for their activity.

I provide support and advice for internal communication, communication strategies, technical documents and material for internal training, marketing strategies and heritage departments and events organisation. I may also assist in any cross-culture situations: business or training wise.

This seems versatile to you? It's only the fruit of my experience with SME's. One of the advntage of working together is also my address book that is as my experience, it crosses the fields.


Over fifteen crafts and jobs make for a  jewel's life, from the sketch to the fitted case. Feel free to contact me to discuss what we could do together!


Feel free to contact me

to get more detailed information.

I'm available via e-mail, phone and I'm on What'sApp, WeChat and Signal.

My work method:

  • You contact me and present me your project. It can be short or long term. Within 48 hours I get back to you with a quote.

  • If need be, I may start with an audit of one to two days and then make an assessment of the stakes at play.

  • I then provide in-house or remote support in order to meet the goals we agreed on, based on a specific schedule.

  • Depending on your company's organisation progress satus, I may deliver operating procedures on various subjects as well as documented strategies along the way.

Well-versed in the reality of SME's, I'm ready to assist you on the road to your development. More importantly, at AZ Jewels the client's confidentiality is paramount and discretion is central to all our projects.


B to B

corporate communication

operating procedures

staff training


project management

organisation & research of historical archives

events management


press review

editorial strategy, writing &translation

market research & prospection

prospection & trade show (preparation, installation and follow-up) backing

+ assistance on the booth if needed

export support