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The project

​​“Whatever we conceive well we express clearly, and the words flow with ease” said Nicolas Boileau, a 17th century French poet and translator. However for the words to "flow with ease" in a language other than your mother-tongue, one might need a little help. When it comes to translating texts about secular crafts and their know-how, the correct translation is central to the message. Jewellery, Watchmaking and Metalsmithing are part of a trade that encompasses dozens of different jobs - from mine to retail - and these crafts call for precise wording.


The techniques are centennial, the movements traditional ; it may sometimes be a hassle to find the right words to describe them. You may be writing an email to a supplier in another country or translating a text for marketing purposes and occasionally need an accurate translation. Sometimes you may face untranslatability, possibly leading you to improvise an uneasy loan translation or an educated guess that might turn out to be flawed. This is where AZ Jewels comes in !


The lexicon is a long term project which today has over 3 600 entries and features 5 languages: English (with specifications as to words relating to US or UK references), French, Italian, Spanish & German. The most complete word entries are English, French and Italian. Little by little, we complete the definitions and add new words. We hope to later implement Chinese, Japanese, Russian & Arabic.


Much more is to be done and we hope to be able to provide our users with images soon. Considering how intricate copyrights regulations are, we will be looking to strike partnerships and making another leap forward to bringing craftsmanship's knowledge to anyone caring to know more about jewellery and watchmaking.


Such an endeavour needs to be recognised by our peers. We look forward to creating our Scientific Committee as well. Along with the sources feeding the lexicon, a selection of passionate professionals will foster our project.

Contemporary wording dedicated to 3D technologies, alongside other important aspects of the trade like Customs or Machining are equally important to handcraft, so we added them as well. In today’s international business world, these aspects are central to anyone of the trade: be they designer, jeweller, salesperson, financial director, developer or lapidary.


Multiple sources were looked up to complete this project. Consulting on-line and printed dictionaries, books and cross-referencing information meant hours of research.

We also gathered information thanks to friends' notebooks from the time when they worked in the UK or in the US. Trusting help of many helped us enrich the lexicon. Our ten-year experience and a heartfelt desire to be useful to our trade enabled us to undertake this daunting project.

You want to share a book reference that could feature here? Feel free to let us know!

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AZ Jewels's lexicon in figures

3 642

words translated from English


to be fully developped by the end of 2024


hours of




"If our audit advisor managed to understand how to get on with our RJC certification documents, it's pretty much thanks to AZ Jewel's lexicon!"

A workshop CEO in Lyon, France.

"As a creative designer, I constantly make research on-line, be it technical or cultural. AZ Jewels has become a precious help, both for research as well as for translating notes and explanations that I give along with the gouache designs I provide for our foreign clients. "

A jewellery designer in Paris, France.

Would you like to know more? Would you like to participate in this linguistic adventure?

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