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Want to get involved? The lexicon needs the trade's help, scroll down and see how one may support it.

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Armelle, founder

Why We Need You >


We strive everyday to give you the most accurate information in order for you to develop your business. Feel free to get back to us, we'd love to hear and learn from you !

Message received. Thank you!


Get involved!

Our team is small yet fierce. We currently lack hands and funding to go faster hence we would welcome your support, advice, suggestions and partnerships. Those issues are at stake:

  • A selection of jewellery translations and definitions by theme would really benefit from a thorough check and proofreading.

  • Word entries will need to be illustrated with images or sketches. Images generally hold copyrights. We see partnerships as the only way to overcome this issue.

  • We're looking for volunteers to help us achieve the further translations in Spanish and German.

Getting your help does not only mean in currency. Four projects are also at stake and of equal importance. We would also welcome the benefit of your *precious* time and expertise to uphold them.

Here they are:

Lexicon completion

Not only do we need to finish all definitions in English, French and Italian, but improving more languages is at stake !

Fully translated website

AZ Jewels  is currently in French and English only. Funding will help hire translators to work on other versions of this website.

Creation of a Scientific Comity

This is a truly important aspect of our reliability.

We will need to put a Scientific Comity together and welcome your support.

Going further with the tools

Tools are what will make your business grow. We had received many ideas. And we will need means to implement them all!

In order to sustain the free access to the lexicon, you may contact us to donate or to become a sponsor:

Merci !