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The one-stop-shop jewellery advisor focusing on your growth and the development of your projects

For workshops, brands, dealers & organisations

Deux bagues dont l'arrondi sert de bulles de discussion


La Place Vendôme
We are in business to assist the players of the jewellery trade in the creation or consolidation of their development strategies, the structuring of their organisation, and the promotion of their heritage, with method and with the proper tools.

AZ Jewels

Find the right words.
Use the right tools.

How do you build trust and passion for a job well done between a brand, its suppliers and all the players involved in the same project? By speaking the same language!

A communication & export manager in a Paris' jewellery workshop, I was confronted with a lack of comprehensive and verified resources on the trade in English and in Italian and I needed them on a daily basis.


I researched on-line and couldn't find convincing data so I created 'AZ Jewels' my own technical multilingual word entry in 2017. From an Excel worksheet sprung an on-line project built by Giuseppe Benedetti.

Three years later, I started my own business and we built it around the lexicon. We added a jewellery events' calendar and useful information about the trade that will be enriched over time.


​You create stunning jewellery and perfectly know your way around it but don't have the time or expertise to do the some of the rest? You're launching your workshop but you are not entirely sure you've thought of all the issues? You're launching your brand?

You need a copilot for your activity in order to get your serenity back on a day-to-day basis, let me help ! I assist the players of the jewellery trade from the gouache design to the fitted box, from A to Z.


Strategy - Organisation - Heritage

Paris-based, working internationally


You will find more details in the Capabilities section. However here is an overview of the services I can provide. Depending on you your needs, I may also make a quote on another specific matter.

WORKSHOPS: company branding in the light of CSR

BRANDS: assistance to heritage departments

GROWTH : dedicated to all businesses of the trade

WORKSHOPS: business development & growth

BRANDS & PRIVATE LABELS:  strategy & organisation

N.E.W.: English Conversation Workshops (in Paris)

Ethics & governance

Today more than ever, talking about one's company values has become a corollary to corporate offers. Working for someone or for oneself cannot just be about being business-oriented and passionate.

Our values are both professional and personal. Integrity, open-mindedness, collaboration, adaptability and discretion are what guide our activity in order to respond to our customers' issues and needs.

There's a lovely motto, carved by Brigette Hyacinth that says "work for someone who appreciates your ideas, loyalty and hard work". Simple, efficient and to the point. I would also like to add that extra care, practical sense and spirit of enterprise allow me to work on the resolution of your problems and the implementation of solutions.

They trust AZ Jewels:

There's a project you'd like to talk about?

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