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Whether you are a craftsperson, a salesperson or a project manager in the jewellery or watchmaking trades, you have our attention. This platform's mission is to offer a selection of tools and services to help you go through your day's work.

I'm Armelle de Blanchard and I first started AZ Jewels as a multilingual lexicon which was technically engineered by Giuseppe Benedetti. I later founded an activity dedicated to the jewellery industry in order to offer a variety of services for small businesses of the trade, for their communication & marketing strategies, their business development worldwide and the organisation of their cultural archives.

The multilingual lexicon's aim was to help my colleagues to develop their projects using the proper key words for manufacturing, selling and promoting jewellery and watches in their target languages and it unfolded in 5 languages. I later put up a worldwide trade's calendar and plan to add new features as time go by. 

AZ Jewels' lexicon will always be in progress as it is also enriched thanks to the help of generous players of the trade. Just like an open-source website should be! Check our website regularly to see what else is new!

We are in business to assist the players of the gemstone, jewellery & watchmaking trades to uphold their competitive advantages abroad, with method and with the proper tools.

Armelle de Blanchard



Founder & language stickler

She's been working in the jewellery industry for over ten years with two significant experiences: one for a signature brand and another for a jewellery workshop in Paris.

G. Benedetti.jpg


CTO & Italian guarantor

A Senior Quantitative Valutations Analyst, he holds a PhD in Mathematics and is incidentally well-versed in computer languages. He is the full-stack developper of both the lexicon and the calendar.

Speak  with confidence. Work with the right tools.

How do you build trust and passion for a job well done between a brand, its suppliers and all the players involved in the same project? The answer is: by speaking the same language!

AZ Jewels started as a multilingual lexicon thanks to Armelle de Blanchard and Giuseppe Benedetti.

A communication and export manager in a jewellery workshop, Armelle was confronted with a clear lack of complete and verified resources on the trade on a daily basis so she decided to create a technical translation on-line word entry.


From an excel worksheet, sprung an on-line project... Giuseppe, a financial engineer also well-versed in computer languages, built the digital environment for the lexicon.

It then appeared logic to add features to this vocabulary tech supply and AZ Jewels Lexicon gave way to AZ Jewels Tools.

We hope resorting to our services will help you develop your business abroad and we look forward to getting your feedback.

Our values

Talking about a company's values is not just something trendy.

Today more than ever, it's also a way to see one another's philosophy. Working for someone or for oneself cannot just be about being business-oriented and passionate.

Our values come as a result of our work experiences, here they are.

We have one motto, carved by Brigette Hyacinth: "work for someone who appreciates your ideas, loyalty and hard work."










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