All about gems

First of all, it would be very presomptuous of us to say we can provide all the information there is to know about gems and minerals used in the jewellery and watchmaking trades.

However, we will put at your disposal all the necessary information we think might be of use for you and links to the best information there is on-line.

Three useful facts to start with:

  1. The dollar is the currency commonly used in the gem dealing industry.

  2. Nowadays traceability is key and certificates for gemstones are portentous for a thoughtful purchase.

  3. Never only judge a stone by its popularity or its commercial attraction.

Pierre de labradorite
Labradorite cabochon. Credit Wix.

We do not intend to give gemmology class or teach you how to sell stones in this section. However we want to regroup and give you useful, reliable sources as to common questions one may have during a regular working day. Today one has to navigate between a great number of websites to put together trustworhty information or work one's way out through a maze of overly specialized websites.

We will tackle the following issues:

Moh's scale

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Recap of the 4Cs

>Sources from GIA

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Certificates & labs issuing them

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Sustainable substitutes

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Colored stones

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Lab-grown diamond's issue

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You may forward us you suggestions for any more topic to be tackled. You may even submit your idea in full form and your name with be added as a contributor.